The Perfect Shipping LLC is a leading packaging shipping solutions company in the United States. The company, in an effort to improve customer experience (waiting time, shipping process, surcharge errors) when shipping goods as well as optimize shipping high fixed costs, employee turnover and retention for shipping and receiving and supply chain companies, as well as university mail rooms, trade show shipping and hospitality business centers, Amazon and e-comm sellers and independent retail shipping stores, launches SEND (TM), offering the first self-service kiosks for global shipping that is carrier agnostic and operate as Shipping as a Service.

The company introduces customized packaging solutions to almost all types of shippers and packaging, offering low operation maintenance cost; contactless, secure, interactive user-friendly experience; mobile app integration and operation; loyalty and promotional discounts including an advertising option; and it’s all made in the USA.

“We are extremely proud to announce the initiation of our revolutionary service that can significantly lower operation costs while increasing profits for all shipping & receiving supply chain companies. Our company just launched a full line of Send kiosk. What makes our self-serving kiosk the ideal product is that it will reach new markets and increase locations closer to the consumer, optimizing costs and customer experience,” said The Perfect Shipping founder and CEO during a recent launch event.

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The leading self-service shipping kiosks company in USA.

The Perfect Shipping LLC
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