Former CEO of Kajabi, Jonathan Cronstedt, joins leading life and business coach Jerome Myers on his DreamCatchers podcast to share his unique perspective on achieving success and finding fulfillment.

As an experienced life coach, Jerome Myers has assisted many individuals exiting their corporate nine-to-five to pursue their dreams. Having taken the same journey himself, Myers knows how challenging the first step and every step after that can be. Through his DreamCatchers podcast, he provides a platform for other high achievers to share how they achieved dream realization. The episode recorded with Jonathan Cronstedt is entitled “You Don’t Know the Price of Success Until You Achieve It.” It contains a wealth of advice from Cronstedt on achieving success in life.

When Jerome Myers left his corporate job, he didn’t know what challenges he would face on the way to a more fulfilling life. However, his determination to make his dreams a reality helped him overcome the obstacles he encountered. Now a sought-after thought leader and speaker, Myers hopes to inspire others through one-on-one independent financial advisor coaching, masterclasses, and his podcasts to take a step into the unknown to find a more meaningful path for themselves.

“I love interviewing people like Jonathan Cronstedt for DreamCatchers,” remarked Myers. “Everyone is different, and their path is unique, but there are always common threads that run through the success stories they share. It is always inspiring to hear their perspectives and how they changed. Every step along the way teaches them and molds them into a different person — someone who is confident in their ability to continue to overcome and work towards their desired outcome.”

Speaking with Myers, former CEO of Kajabi, Jonathan Cronstedt debunks the theory that joy comes only from achieving success. Instead, he proposes that joy comes in the pursuit as you work at solving problems. Each stage presented new challenges for him, and rising to the top required him to adapt and overcome.

“One of the great points Jonathan brought up is the need to commit to an unknown price tag,” remarked Myers. “Taking that first step towards realizing your dreams is a fantastic achievement. But that won’t get you far if you aren’t willing to decide that you will do whatever it takes. And when it gets hard, recommitting to giving it all you have. Once you achieve your goal, you will know what it costs you to get there. But you won’t know until you arrive.”

Individuals can participate in Myers’ financial advisor coaching program in one-on-one and group settings. His DreamCatchers podcast has aired over 150 episodes featuring the achievements and stories of successful individuals. Past guests have included Ryan Serhant, LaVonne Idlette, Myron Golden, David Metzler and Sofia Castro. To learn more about Jerome Myers or how he helps individuals turn their dreams into reality, visit

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