Precision medicine, also called personalized medicine, helps your doctor find your unique disease risks and then assigns treatments that will work best for you. CENSON Health has added this capability to its Remote Patient Monitoring platform.

The goal of precision medicine is to provide a more precise approach for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease.

This approach helps the doctor find the unique disease risks and treatments that will work best for the patient. CENSON Health has added this capability to its Remote Patient Monitoring platform.

Simon Censon, CEO of CENSON Health noted: “Your genetics and behaviors (such as exercise and eating habits), and environment are all factors that affect your health. The goal of precision health is to protect your health by measuring these factors and acting on them. Interventions can be tailored to you, rather than using the same approach for everyone.”

Precision health includes precision medicine, but also approaches that occur outside the setting of a doctor’s office or hospital, such as disease prevention and health promotion activities. Precision health involves approaches that everyone can do on their own to protect their health.

“By understanding a patient’s underlying situation, and then using remote patient monitoring, it is easier to develop a treatment path that is most likely to succeed. Patient monitoring, without understanding the causes of the patient’s condition, is basically a waste of time,” added Mr Censon.

CENSON Health has incorporated the use of smart-phone based bio-markers to collect and understand patient vital signs, and then applies this knowledge to deploy nutrition, exercise, and medication programs that can be optimized for each patient.

“We are seeing improved patient adherence to treatment plans when patients can see how different lifestyle factors contribute to their wellness.”

CENSON Health is a developer and provider of health care solutions for home health care, assisted living, skilled nursing, and medical groups. Our remote patient monitoring solutions are AI enhanced to support the decision-making process of providers, and present the most appropriate patient health indicators in a timely and easily accessed manner.

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