You may want to read this novel with the lights on.

Pacific, Missouri – WEBWIRE

In a small town in Northern California known for very little crime, Police Chief Joe Brooks and authorities are up on their toes with recent left and right killings disrupting the peaceful community. With the towns annual summer festival coming up and the massacres continuing, Brooks and a couple of zoologists soon find out that this highly intelligent and powerful killer is something not quite human.

On a cool summer night, in early August 1973, this town awoke from its complacency when a killing spree ensued unlike any town or city in the United States would ever endure.

John Michael Patrick, born and raised in St. Louis and now residing in Pacific, Missouri, has written seven books. Three of his books are available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, while the four are currently needing editing. Sci-fi and horror are genres that John loves writing about. He is currently writing his second supernatural thriller.

Creature of the Unknown will keep you on the edge of your seat with suspense and dreading for the worst. This novel is for readers who enjoy the unknown with a dash of grisly, gruesome gore and a rollercoaster ride of chills and scares. Will Police Chief Brooks and the police force be able to keep families safe during the summer festival as they face this unknown creature that is very likely to take their own lives?

Creature of the Unknown is available in Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other major retailers worldwide.