WebNIC, a leading authority in the domain name, SSL certificate and web service industry, has recently announced the launch of a new feature in their self-built RPanel system. Based on the published info available on their website, the new feature enables their partners to manage their WHMCS licenses in a single place. With this new feature, WebNIC hopes to facilitate an easy, simple and hassle-free experience in managing WHMCS licenses.

WHMCS is a software solution to meet the automation needs for individuals or companies who are looking to start or operate a web service business. The powerful platform includes all the tools to simplify and automate daily tasks and operations, such as automated billing, service provision and business management. WHMCS saves time, is developer friendly and highly customizable to fit the different needs of every web service business. It is a popular automation tool for many web professionals worldwide.

Currently, web service businesses or professionals who are using WHMCS to provision services to end customers have to purchase WHMCS licenses. They need to be attentive of the status of their licenses at all times to ensure zero service interruption in serving their customers. Situations whereby they are managing multiple licenses at the same time can cause them to overlook the status of some licenses, for example an expired license. As a result, service interruption will occur and they will suffer a loss of customers, and also cause dissatisfaction among their customers.

WebNIC is aware of the arduous efforts required to effectively manage WHMCS licenses. Hence, they introduce the WHMCS License Management Panel to help their partners who manage numerous WHMCS licenses. This new feature allows their partners to manage all of their licenses in a single place, thus providing them with an easy, simple and hassle-free experience.

WebNIC’s WHMCS License Management Panel helps their partners to get an overview of the statuses of all of their licenses in one place, such as relocate license, expiring licenses, licenses pending renewal or upgrade, and licenses approaching the limit in terms of number of customers. With this convenient overview, they can easily execute the necessary actions to ensure their WHMCS licenses continue to work without any errors. To learn more about WebNIC’s new WHMCS License Management Panel, you may visit webnic.cc/whmcs-license-management.

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