Did you know that almost 50% of Drinkers want to reduce the consumption of alcohol and 52% of drinkers want to replace alcohol with non-alcoholic beverages?

What’s the reason for drinking less alcohol? People, especially Youth, want to improve their physical and mental health.

ArKay Beverages have the mission to replace alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic wine, beer, and cocktails. They are providing alternatives on retail shelves, restaurants, and bars.

Now, the good thing is that Walmart is supporting ArKay Beverages to change the lives of millions of consumers in the USA. There are 15 million people in America who are alcoholics, and want to reduce their alcohol consumption from their daily life. That’s the reason Walmart is opening its doors and allows ArKay beverages to sell non-alcoholic products in America. Ignoring the pressure of the alcohol industry and introducing consumers of their brand to the ArKay brand is an industry win for both Walmart and the non-alcoholic brand ArKay.

Walmart is making a big step into the world of non-alcoholic alcohol. This is an exceptional turn in the trend of spirits and liquors. Walmart once again is the leader of a new trend in health, non-alcoholic spirits, and joining with ArKay Zero Proof. ArKay Beverages applaud Walmart for what they are doing in opening their doors to the ArKay product and creating this trend for Americans for a new healthy way to enjoy life.

According to ArKay Beverages, “Walmart is the first one to carry non-alcoholic spirits of this kind at this level. These are perfect for the holidays and the holiday season and to start the new year off with health and a healthy lifestyle in mind.”

For Walmart, ArKay Beverages would like to tell the entire world that this is the first time ever that ArKay alcohol-free spirits are available at Walmart. The fact that it is sold at Walmart allows millions of people that do not drink to stay sober. ArKay was created by Reynald Grattagliano in 2011; it contains the all-natural warm molecule that gives you the warm effect in your mouth as liquor does.

The alcohol-free spirits category is a $50 billion category. Walmart is now the leader of the category, as it is estimated that Walmart will represent 50% of the category.

ArKay Beverages say, “People enjoy the sipping and flavor of traditional alcohol and cocktails while alcohol-free beverages take us on a path of wellness and mental health that makes us happy, healthy, and refreshed in the morning.”

According to ArKay’s below are the some benefits of Non-Alcoholic drinks:

Help to Lose Weight: Are you trying to cut back on calories? Alcohol-free Beverages help you in this case. Consuming fewer calories and sugar helps you to lose weight in a healthy way.

Stay Hydrated: Standard alcohol is a diuretic, and it drains out all of the liquid from your body. It ultimately causes dehydration leading to exhaustion, headache, and unpleasant hangovers. Alcohol-free beverages do not cause dehydration, but it keeps you hydrated and fresh all day.

According to ArKay Beverages, “The healthy way to boost your mood in a delicious way is to drink Alcohol and gluten-free beverages. Drinking alcohol disrupts hormonal balance and causes depression. At the same time, alcohol-free beverages keep you balanced.”

A message from ArKay Beverages and Walmart:
“Do not let your fitness and health goals hold you to join the Christmas Party! Grab a healthy alternative (ArKay Alcohol-Free Beverage) and enjoy the Night.”

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