Ms. Kidwell wrote the cabaret musical theatre chamber pop tune Together Inside at the end of lockdown as a reaction to the lockdown lifting in 2021 and her struggle as an introvert in this new world. Her critically acclaimed show Together Inside, which has been nominated for two BroadwayWorld Cabaret Awards for Best Show and Best Original Song, debuted the song. Andrew Poretz of Theater Pizzazz, said that Together Inside was a deft callback to Alone Together, and is a beautiful song. If this is a taste of Ms. Kidwells songwriting skills, a full meal is in order The recording features Matt Baker on piano and synthesizer, Matt Scharfglass on bass, and David Silliman on drums.

Becca wrote Cause Its Christmastime as a dare for herself at the end of 2021 in reaction to the upsurge in COVID cases and the second lockdown that occurred at the beginning of 2022. In collaboration with Tracy Stark, Kidwells vision of a hopeful but realistic Christmas song was realized, and appropriately featured in her Show of Dares, Volume 2 to the delight of her audience. Tracy Stark produced the song in addition to playing piano, synthesizer, and singing on backup vocals. The recording was enhanced by Skip Ward on bass and David Silliman on percussion.

Together Inside and Cause Its Christmastime can be found currently on all major streaming platforms worldwide. Links and more information can be found on Becca Kidwells website: