The team behind a first-of-its kind app that helps send care packages to deployed troops is excited to announce a major upcoming milestone, just in time for the holidays.  The “Support a Troop” app is closing in on 10,000 personalized gifts sent to soldiers serving overseas since first launching in December 2020.

The app’s creator, Brandon Goodrich, served as an infantryman in the Army and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2016.  Throughout his service and deployment, he experienced firsthand the tremendous impact care packages from home can have on a soldier’s morale, along with their mental and physical health.

“Getting a care package is better than unwrapping presents on Christmas morning,” said Goodrich.  “Support a Troop is a tool for the heart.  While the basic needs of troops are met while they are abroad, care packages keep them connected to home despite the distance and living conditions.”

Goodrich also noticed, however, that some of the items sent in those care packages would often go unused, or even get thrown away, because the troops couldn’t actually use them. That is where the idea for “Support a Troop” was born.

The free and easy-to-download app allows anyone, anywhere to send personalized care packages with the touch of a button. It also allows troops to request specific items, send photos and even messages to their supporters. So far, the app has sent 9, 471 personalized items and currently has 240 deployed troops requesting support.  Some are still supporting NATO Forces abroad.

Goodrich is available for interviews to talk more about the app, how it works, the challenges of deploying during the holidays, as well as his personal experience serving in the military. For media inquiries contact: 

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