The entire curriculum is woven with a sole purpose of impartingskills to students along with academic progress. The theme based learning revolves around concept building through an activity and project based,integrated approach which provides scope for instilling values and life skills. The learning is student centred which encourages a spirit of inquiry, reflection and communication with an aims to make students more self-reliant and selfconfident. The school has thus carved its own niche by preparing learners with a global outlook who believe in trust, fair play and integrity. Through using real-world experiences, their approach helps children demonstratetheir understanding to ensure that learning is deeper, more sustained and focussed on children developing skills and acquiring knowledge that will assist them in becoming Guided by their Core Values and Open Door Policy, they continue to stand apart to set a very high Happiness Quotient; which they have achieved through their Vision and Mission.

Empowering lives to make a difference through a unique learning experience.

MBIS seeks to nurture in its students:
Aspiration to be Lifelong Learners of Skills
Collaboration to Achieve Shared Goals
Entrepreneurial Passion
Attitude of Problem Solving
Empathy for All
Awareness to Conserve the Environment
Appreciation of Indias Cultural Heritage
Inspiration to Embrace Global Diversities
Readiness to Face the Challenges of a Dynamically Changing World
Address :MBIS, RSET Campus, Swami Vivekananda Rd, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400064
Contact no :090044 44082