ELEVATE membership will support end-to-end IoT solution providers’ global growth across range of industries: including agriculture, mining, utilities and oil and gas


Addvalue, a Singapore-based satellite communications company and provider of industrial IoT solutions, today announced it has joined Inmarsat’s ELEVATE programme.

ELEVATE is a development programme, ecosystem and marketplace for providers of software, hardware and solutions, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in commercial land markets. As a member of ELEVATE, Addvalue will expand its base of industrial IoT customers and provide even more reliable end-to-end solutions.

Under the agreement, Inmarsat’s global L-band network ELERA – the leading satellite network for the Internet of Things (IoT) – will be integrated into Addvalue’s solutions. This will enhance Addvalue’s ability to respond to its customers’ needs wherever they are in the world.

Addvalue implements a wide range of IoT solutions including environmental monitoring for all industries (microclimate, weather, water), connectivity solutions for smart cities and smart farming, and a range of monitoring solutions for livestock welfare, power grid operations, oil wells and closed mines.

The company’s end-to-end solutions use low-power, wide area networking (LoRaWAN) for last-mile connectivity and are optimised to send data economically over Inmarsat’s BGAN service. Addvalue’s one-stop-shop service provides complete IoT solutions as well as delivering on bespoke requirements via proprietary components.

The partnership will also support Addvalue to expand its offering across new industries and markets. Addvalue will gain access to Inmarsat’s broader partner ecosystem, creating opportunities to collaborate on additional niche communications solutions for customers.

Companies in locations without reliable connectivity or those which have mission-critical connectivity needs use the Inmarsat ELEVATE programme to access a broad choice of satellite-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) solutions developed by a range of providers to enhance the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of their businesses.

Mike Carter, President of Enterprise at Inmarsat, said: “We are looking forward to deepening our relationship with Addvalue to support their ambitious growth plans. This partnership will help them meet mission critical needs for new and existing clients across a range of industries with an even more personalised, reliable service.

“Addvalue uses leading-edge technology to help industries respond to some of the biggest global challenges and we can help them facilitate broader opportunities for collaboration through the ELEVATE ecosystem. We are ready to aid their journey by providing reliable connectivity via our industry-leading ELERA narrowband network, as well as with go-to-market alignment and support.”

Tan Khai Pang, Director and Group CEO of Addvalue, added: “Addvalue is proud to be part of Inmarsat’s ELEVATE programme and be recognised as a leading IoT solution partner in this network of innovators. It is yet another important milestone in Addvalue’s 20-year-long partnership with Inmarsat.

“ELEVATE will allow Addvalue to reach a wider base of industrial IoT customers. With our brand promise to help our clients stay always connected and always on via Inmarsat’s ELERA network, clients can look forward to working with a cost-optimised, one-stop solution partner for satellite enabled industrial IoT.”

ELEVATE is open to new entrants, disruptors, and established brands of any size who have developed an innovative digital product or service, but may need additional support to access the benefits of satellite-enabled IoT solutions. Inmarsat provides dedicated technical guidance on how to integrate and support its highly-reliable satellite services, go-to-market strategy planning and exposure to the Inmarsat distribution channel to enable access to new markets.

Providers working across a diverse range of industries, including agriculture, aid and NGOs, energy, exploration and leisure, media, mining, transport, and utilities, as well as agnostic technology providers, will be considered for membership.

Organisations can register or learn more about Inmarsat’s ELEVATE Programme here.


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