“Times change and the ways to market or reach clients,” says Adam Tate, Owner of All Assembled, LLC which is a local handyman / furniture assembly business located in Hillsdale, New Jersey. For over 17 years, this business has expanded and contracted in size and scope due to changes in the economy and client need. It has weathered the Housing Bubble, the Great Recession, Super Storm Sandy, the COVID pandemic, the Great Resignation and now the Great Inflation and has managed to stay on top.

“We are focusing on the basics, what really made us stand out and providing exceptional, targeted services,” says Tate. The services he is referring to are Furniture Assembly, Elfa Shelving Installation and IKEA Kitchen Installation. “I get contacted to provide all kinds of handyman services and we can do them, but that is not really our niche. We want to focus on the things we do right and well. I love building IKEA and have probably built the entire catalog several times now. We must become more strategic and only accept jobs we feel confident in doing and in locations we feel comfortable visiting.”

Tate says he gets great pleasure out of helping people save their weekend from furniture assembly doom. “I show up and get right to work. I ask where the boxes are and get it done, clean, organized and quickly! Seeing peoples eyes grow wide when I am half way or done as soon as they return to the room gives me great pleasure. I know that the client is amazed and just saved themselves hours of frustration. I have all the tools and get it done fast and reasonably.”

As of recent, All Assembled has been collaborating with local home organizers in North Jersey to provide furniture storage and shelving installation services to enhance the speed in which these organizers can complete their jobs and offerings to their clients. “It is a win, win scenario! The organizer does not have to focus on another task of building or installing some product they are not familiar with, do not have the time to tackle and they get their project done fast. The home owner benefits from having a qualified contractor do the work and I win because I have a qualified client and receive residual work from that client.”

To learn more, please find them at https://goo.gl/maps/iE12zeBLvZ4PKMaPA.

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All Assembled

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