Few offer such a wide selection in terms of style and aesthetic as Maximilian.com. You may recognize the brand; for many years, it was under Bloomingdale’s and was their signature fur line.

As fine fur fashion enjoys a resurgence in popularity, Maximilian has expanded the scope of its eCommerce operations. Savvy shoppers looking to explore timeless styles and elegant, peerless quality genuine furs need only explore their online selection.

Maximilian’s website proudly sports its highest-quality, rarest fineries. Their online catalog features a rainbow of mink fur coats and jackets, fox-trimmed jackets, and even sable, rabbit, and chinchilla outerwear.

For those whose tastes are sporty and functional as well as fashionable, Maximilian also offers a wide range of reversible fur coats. Their collection features numerous fox, rabbit, mink, and leather reversible jackets and coats, with silk and even weather-resistant polyester reverse sides.

Their collection also sports a full range of genuine fur accessories, including but not limited to hats, gloves, scarves, and so much more.

Maximilian’s online catalog boasts highlights for both discerning men and women and features styles and entries that you will find nowhere else. For those looking to give distinguished, ageless, heirloom-quality gifts this holiday season, Maximilian offers a veritable treasure trove of fashionable gems.

Their elegant, timeless styles are the perfect mate for those whose distinguished tastes are deserving of nothing but the finest selections the market can bear. Fur is not only luxuriously warm and protective but with proper care and maintenance, will last for several generations.

On such a topic, Maximilian’s support after the sale is simply unparalleled. In addition to an exquisite, unrivaled selection of fur jackets, accessories, and even reversible fur coats, they also offer fur storage services.

Luxury furs must be properly stored in between occasions in order to protect them against light, moisture, and pest damage. For its customers whose private facilities do not make the full grade, they offer full-suite fur storage services. Visit the previous link for more details.

Shoppers interested in welcoming the return of ageless, old-style fashion that will never become dated should consider making a gift of fine genuine furs this holiday season.

Those who would like to learn more about what Maximilian offers are invited to visit their website at Maximilian.com, follow them on their social accounts, Facebook and Instagram, or reach out to them directly at Info ( @ ) Maximilian dot com or by phone at 1-800-TLC-FURS.