The software has many features that make it one of a kind, like EMR, digital patient intake, scheduling, data analytics, HEPs, and virtual therapy. So, a physical therapist can ditch the hefty paperwork, refrain from reading a receptionist’s sloppy handwritten notes, and switch to a cloud-based system that will keep the entire team on the same page.

Moreover, the software helps to bridge the gap between online consultation and giving patients the in-clinic experience. With SmartPT, physical therapists get access to a vast library of exercise videos and photos that help the patients to understand the routine and clearly follow the instructions meticulously.

This way, therapists can personalise a Home Exercise Plan for each patient. When the patients get the tailor-made plan, it gives them a sense of connection, and they trust their physical therapists more. Furthermore, the software is integrated with Zoom, so physical therapists can schedule virtual therapy sessions without having to buy any third-party application.

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