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Writer, author and ordained minister, Sarah Carpenter-Vascik launches her book: “Freedom of Religion by Individual Choice: The Religious Beliefs And Convictions Of Our Founding Fathers…”

Tensions between religious traditionalists who believe that America is a Christian nation and those who want a pluralistic religious society have increased as a result of recent political disputes. According to Sarah Carpenter-Vascik, one of the guiding principles of the United States was the custom of maintaining a “wall of separation” between religion and the state. According to her, the wisdom of this system is not only that religion cannot corrupt government, but also that government cannot corrupt religion and together, it cannot be used to oppress the people.

The book recounts the religious developments that occurred between the arrival of the early Puritan settlers and the Revolutionary War, and then dwells on special issues, such as the motto “In God We Trust” and the inclusion of “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. This is followed by brief biographies of several Founding Fathers, focusing on their religious views. It’s a riveting story of America’s religious history.

Sarah knew she was not male from about age five, but she was raised in a conservative, Republican, Pre-Vatican II Catholic household. Both her parents were veterans of WW II and as such, there was little room for anyone who was not M or F. She was married in 1972 and has two children, both girls. Sarah and her spouse have been legally separated since 2005.

After a life-long struggle with her gender conflict, Sarah started counseling in 2003, began hormone therapy in August of 2004, transitioned and began living full time as herself in June of 2005. She successfully transitioned at her principal job in 2005 and also at a part time job she held from 2002 to 2009.

Today, Sarah Carpenter-Vascik speaks at conferences and conventions across the country, presenting gender identity/gender expression awareness training and support for transgender children.

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