The Timeless Trainset: A gift for those with Dementia, helps connecting with people and encourages self expression.

SITTINGBOURNE, U.K.Nov. 3, 2022PRLog — Timeless Presents announces the launch of a Kickstarter Campaign for The Timeless Trainset. Their concept is aimed at helping to fill the gap in current thinking about engagement with those in the mid to late stages of Dementia. As sufferers journey into the later stages of the condition their ability to initiate thoughts around activities they might like to participate in significantly diminishes. This can give the impression that their sense of self has also gone, but this isn’t the case. Unfortunately for millions of Dementia sufferers around the world this can lead to a life of boredom and frustration.

Sharon & Chris Daltrey, of Timeless Presents, saw Sharon’s father, Brian, struggling with these issues as his Alzheimers slowly progressed, so they tried to think of fresh ways to engage with him. “Visits to see Dad at his care home were gradually becoming more difficult” explains Sharon, “Dad’s ability to form new memories had gone and asking him something as simple as what he had for lunch could cause him to become anxious.”

“We had been told that generally memories were lost in reverse order, with the earliest being the last to go” says Chris “an example of this was that Brian could still remember all the words to some nursery rhymes right up to the end.”

“This led us to think that Dad might often be existing in a much younger state to his chronological age. The first thing we bought him was a wooden train set, and although some thought it was a childish thing to do, he absolutely loved it, and that was the most important thing to us. And while we were playing with it together, because he needed help, we found it was a lovely way to connect with him.” said Sharon.

They also observed other benefits in Brian, that he recognised and was interested in the set, and having an idea of what he could do with it seemed to boost his agency and self confidence. Sharon says “now that Dad has gone we are launching Timeless Presents Ltd to help others experience what we, and my Dad did.”

Chris says “The gifting market for mid to late stage dementia is under served and knowing what to get your loved one can be tricky. We’re hoping our innovative gift ideas will go some way towards helping this situation”.

Working with Bigjigs Toys, who co-incidently made Brian’s original set, Sharon and Chris have developed a wooden train set to with a more adult style. Included in the set is a world famous steam locomotive, exclusive, era appropriate carriages contained within a cardboard box designed to resemble a vintage suitcase, complete with labels, that can be used for storage. The inner packaging has been designed to resemble the packaging of train sets from the mid-20th century. The set will also come with a useful hints and tips leaflet to help customers on their way to enjoying more moments together.


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