After three years of pivoting new ways of leadership development, Orbis Business School celebrates its official global launch today. With the current global challenges, transformational leadership is more relevant than ever before.

It is easier for leaders to fall into the trap of massive layoffs, short-term focus, and ad hoc decisions. While business survival and cash flow are important right now, Orbis Business School believes that long-lasting business values come from intangible aspects such as purpose, perspective, and company values.

Dennis Akkerman, Founder and Managing Director, Orbis Business School: “To navigate successfully through these turbulent times requires transformational leadership skills. The world needs leaders who inspire and connect; leaders who think in terms of win-win-win for the planet, people, and profit. I am convinced that this is the best way to transition to the next new normal. Transformational leadership builds a company culture that is resilient, adaptive to change, and future focused.”

People will remember how you run your business in bad times and, based on that, they will either come back to you in good times or not. Orbis Business School challenges conventional thinking. How do you want the future to look like?

Embracing the future of leadership education

Where conventional business schools mostly teach on how to manage a business, Orbis Business School develops future focused leaders by offering a 360-degree leadership programme. In addition to providing a holistic view on business, Orbis Business School emphasises personal development with one-to-one coaching. Combining small international group sessions with adaptive learning through an innovative online platform makes learning as effective as possible. The trainers and coaches have extensive leadership experience in blue-chip companies as well as start-ups, bringing in real-world approaches rather than academic ones.

About Orbis Business School

Orbis Business School is a force for positive change in which transformational leaders create a ripple effect to push the human race forward. Orbis exists to help leaders realise their potential, transforming their business and maximising their impact on the world. We do this by providing the guidance, learning tools and inspiration business leaders need to achieve big outcomes. Orbis Business School is accredited in the United Kingdom and has offices in London and Kuala Lumpur. Learn more at

Orbis Business School

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