Pam Weinreis’ Christian life book “Well Worth MY Soul” sets to inspire and motivate readers.

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This book shows that it is never too late to get to know God.

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“Well Worth MY Soul” is a guidebook for spiritual development that emphasizes developing a stronger relationship with God. Pam Weinreis, an author who has inspired many, understands what it takes to keep the faith and follow the Holy Spirit.

In this devotional, she contemplates the teachings of the Bible and how to place her hope on God rather than on the things of this world. Weinreis uses carefully selected scripture and reflective dialogue to challenge the factors that lead people away from God.

Weinreis reflects: “When we feel inadequate for the task, remember God has given us everything we need to be strong in Him.”

Frequently putting off spending quality time in prayer because there are more important things to do? Feel like running out of time while yearning for inner peace? If so, this book can help.

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“Well Worth MY Soul: Let’s refresh our soul together”

Author | Pam Weinreis

Genre | Christian Life

Publisher | Xulon Press

Published date | August 22, 2022


As a rancher’s wife, Pam Weinreis is very busy. She’s a mother of four grown children and grandmother of seven beautiful little ones. Pam teaches Sunday school and oversees the department. She enjoys being busy, and she loves life.