Vitex LLC, a leading provider of fiber optic transceivers and components, announced today the company is expanding its 400G network cables product line by adding re-driver Active Electrical Cables (AECs) to its portfolio.

Copper AECs use signal conditioning to improve the quality of the signal, which allows for longer reaches than traditional Direct Attach Cables (DAC). Copper is a good fit for short intra-rack and top-of-rack switch to server connections in data centers.

With the launch of this new product, Vitex now offers two 400G AEC types – re-driver-based AEC that uses a simpler signal amplification to extend signal reach and a CDR based one that offers more robust connectivity and full digital diagnostics. Both can extend signal reach beyond the 2m limit of a passive Direct Attach Cable.

Re-driver AEC Highlights

· Up to 5 meter reach

· PAM4 encoding

· Latency <1000 ps

· Power consumption <3.5W (per cable end)

· Pre-FEC bit error rate (BER) better than 2.4E-4

· I2C management per CMIS 4.0

“With 400G connectivity achieving mass adoption stage, our line of copper AECs addresses customers’ needs for low power consumption and low latency even at high data rates,” said Rakesh Sambaraju, Director of Sales and Product Development at Vitex. “We are focused on bringing innovative and reliable fiber optic solutions to the market that offer more choice and flexibility. I believe that the AEC product line will create tremendous value for data center customers.”

Vitex joins a handful of fiber optics suppliers that currently offer the AEC product line to customers. Vitex AECs will be on display in booth 9119 at the upcoming SCTE Cable-Tec expo in Philadelphia, PA. More information on the product is available at

About Vitex

Vitex, founded in 2003, is a leading supplier of fiber optic products and solutions. Based in northern NJ, the company delivers reliable and high-quality optics to customers in datacom, telecom, military, medical, and other industries. Vitex’ skilled staff of highly trained engineers are knowledgeable and discerning about new product offerings, and can provide technical advice and solutions customized to business needs.

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