Robert Hitt Neill’s masterful book creation enthralled readers as it is based on a real-life love story.

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If the examples in The Book of Betsy were taken to heart by every married couple, there would be no need for divorce courts

The romantic book “The Book of Betsy: Forever 19: With an Epilogue: Can There Be Love After Love?” by Robert Hitt Neill was displayed by ReadersMagnet at the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference and Exhibition last June 24-27, 2022, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington D.C.

This epic love story tells the author’s real-life marriage to Betsy and how the couple received many blessings from God as they persevered through life’s many trials – through bountiful harvests, droughts, and even the time spent in the world’s largest prison ministry.

Robert Hitt Neill’s wife of 55 years, Betsy, is the star of this book, a romantic love story set in the Deep South, including the Ole Miss Rebels and a National Championship football team. What was supposed to be a joyous occasion turned into a grieving moment when Betsy died within the week of their anniversary.

The book portrays author Robert Hitt Neill’s prolific and successful three-decade career as a writer. From writing nostalgic books, stories, articles, and columns, Neill’s phenomenal writing career is reflected in this love story that is set to captivate readers, warm their hearts, and keep them engaged page after page.

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“The Book of Betsy: Forever 19: Epilogue: Can There Be Love After Love?”

Author | Robert Hitt Neill

Genre | Romance

Publisher | Christian Faith Publishing

Published date | January 2022

Book Retail Price| $36.00 hardbound & $23.00 softcover


Robert Hitt Neill was raised on a Mississippi Delta plantation, was an honor student and all-state football player at Leland High then played at Ole Miss on national championship teams. There he met Betsy, a top-six beauty at a college famous for its beautiful coeds. It was love at first sight! They wed after his graduation and commissioning as a Navy Officer, and after he survived a combat tour during Vietnam, they settled on Brownspur Plantation, where he farmed but enjoyed being a closet writer for 20 years.

His first book, “The Flaming Turkey,” was a small press bestseller, and its sequel, “Going Home,” was the #2 Outdoor Book in the country. His third, all in the same year, was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Neill rented out his land and became a writer.

“The Book of Betsy” is his 14th title. Another of his humor/nostalgia works, “The Jakes,” was also nominated for the Pulitzer, as was a newspaper series. He wrote a weekly syndicated column for 25 years, as well as thousands of magazine articles, and was listed nationally as a storyteller until a broken back curtailed his traveling.