GoPro skate athlete and overall wonder woman Leticia Bufoni is being honored with TWO Guinness World Records today. Leticia will receive the honors today at the X Games Summer 2022, which are taking place in her current Southern California stomping grounds.

Leticia will be receiving the awards for:

  1. Most Women’s X Games Skateboard Street Wins (5)
  2. Most Women’s X Games Summer medals (12)

She also previously held a Guinness World Record for “Most Wins in World Cup Skateboarding.” We’re beyond pumped for this well-deserved update to recognize all her hard work and accomplishments.

Congratulations Leticia, we can’t wait to watch you compete this weekend!

You can follow her directly @leticiabufoni and get more info on the X Games Summer 2022 here.

And with that, we’ll leave you with a fun fact: The most medals won in X Games winter disciplines by a female is 21 and is held by GoPro snow athlete Jamie Anderson. So Leticia is certainly in great company!