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America is in Crisis. We are on the brink of losing all we once held dear. Gun Violence, Domestic Violence, and Mass Shootings ravish our Schools, Families, and Cities. 90% of all crimes are committed by the fatherless.

So many warning signs are overlooked and manifest in the lives of each mass shooter before their heinous act. If we can only prevent the death of one person, this training would have been worth it.

There is Hope. Join International Speaker, Consultant, and Author of the Book “No Child Without A Dad.” Paul Benjamin Sr. for the Gun Violence Prevention Webinar where:

• Attendees will be Trained and Equipped to Identify the Critical Warning Signs before the next mass shooting or violent crime occurs. The life they may learn to save … could be their own…

Some of the topics covered include:

  • The Root Cause for this Pandemic of Crime & Violence in the USA
  • What is The Father Fracture Syndrome and its Ramifications?
  • What is The Glory Code and its impact on mental health?
  • How to Identify Key Warning Signs before it’s too Late
  • Learn the four (4) principles of engagement.
  • Questions and Answers (Submit questions in the live chat)

Who should attend this important webinar?

  • Parents, Teachers, School Counselors
  • Coaches, Pastors, Social Workers
  • Police Officers, Political Leaders
  • Single Moms, Blended Families
  • Divorce Couples, Media Outlets
  • Business Leaders and all other concerned citizens who are willing to make a positive impact on our nation.

Mr. Benjamin will reach out to Senator Ted Cruz, Governor Greg Abbot, and Governor Ron DeSantis to offer his assistance in training and empowering concerned people in their States. This training will be made available in all states. The Mass Shootings, like the ones in Parkland, Florida, New York, and Chicago, have to stop.

When: Wednesday August 3, 2022

Time: 1:00PM – 3:00PM (Eastern Time)

Cost: $199.00 (Partial Scholarships and Group Discounts Available)

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Phone: 828-237-7555