A compilation of facts and data that prove the events of the Bible truly happened.


If the old saying “seeing is believing,” and as humans, we are prone to doubting the words of others at time when there is no substantial evidence to back up their claims. Unfortunately, this is also true when it comes to religious events in history.

As informative as satellite photographs are, these many satellite photos reflecting exactly the rocks, boulders, sand, etc. and the discovery that author Darrell K. Jackson has made that these ground surface features exactly depict biblical scripture events are truly astounding. According to Jackson: “To say all of these ground features are just billions and billions of coincidences would be foolish. The resulting increase of your faith in seeing what no human being could possibly do has affected the warming of hearts everywhere…”

With such an informative topic, one might wonder where they can obtain a copy of this work; thankfully, copies of this uplifting book will be available soon on Amazon. For more information about the author or the book, visit the Author’s website at www.timeclockrevelation.com or contact the author directly.

About the Author

For many years, Darrell K. Jackson has taught bible studies and preached the word of God, and he has a continuing interest in bible prophecy. His ability to convey meaningful clarity in illustrating God’s word is bolstered by his degree in graphic design. He retired after 33 years of service after a career that included business document writing and the design of communications network systems.