The Beauty of Life Through The Complexity of Biology

Dr. Henry M. Sobell publishes his second book on his research about the structure of DNA

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Organization of DNA in Chromatin remains my most important book along with Premeltons in DNA. Dr. Sobell shares.

After the success of his first book Premeltons in DNA, internationally-renowned researcher Dr. Henry M. Sobell pens a follow-up informative publication entitled Organization of DNA in Chromatin.

In Organization of DNA in Chromatin, Dr. Sobell proposes a more organized structure to a presented model showing how intricate the composition of DNA is within the nucleosome. The new model, which is modified from a previous presentation, explains that a number of aperiodic structures can increase the periodic cutting patterns observed experimentally if there was a fair chance of both 10 base-pairs of B-DNA or 11 base-pairs of A-DNA occurring on a given segment of the left-handed toroidal superhelical structure.

Organization of DNA in Chromatin remains my most important book along with Premeltons in DNA, Dr. Sobell shares. Both books remain my most important scientific contribution, and I recommend that they be read carefully by students and professors studying molecular biology and biophysics.

This book, much like the first publication authored by Dr. Sobell, is a must-have for those eager to understand more about the topic of genetics. With the expertise offered by the author throughout its pages, Organization of DNA in Chromatin does an excellent job of rendering additional knowledge about genetics and DNA to an audience that is in the field of science. To know more about Dr. Henry M. Sobell and his other contributions to biology, you may visit his website at

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Hope Rekindled Through the Revelation of History

A compilation of facts and data that prove the events of the Bible truly happened.


If the old saying “seeing is believing,” and as humans, we are prone to doubting the words of others at time when there is no substantial evidence to back up their claims. Unfortunately, this is also true when it comes to religious events in history.

As informative as satellite photographs are, these many satellite photos reflecting exactly the rocks, boulders, sand, etc. and the discovery that author Darrell K. Jackson has made that these ground surface features exactly depict biblical scripture events are truly astounding. According to Jackson: “To say all of these ground features are just billions and billions of coincidences would be foolish. The resulting increase of your faith in seeing what no human being could possibly do has affected the warming of hearts everywhere…”

With such an informative topic, one might wonder where they can obtain a copy of this work; thankfully, copies of this uplifting book will be available soon on Amazon. For more information about the author or the book, visit the Author’s website at or contact the author directly.

About the Author

For many years, Darrell K. Jackson has taught bible studies and preached the word of God, and he has a continuing interest in bible prophecy. His ability to convey meaningful clarity in illustrating God’s word is bolstered by his degree in graphic design. He retired after 33 years of service after a career that included business document writing and the design of communications network systems.

Hong Kong – “Hong Kong: Through the Looking Glass” miniature exhibition opens in Singapore (with photos)

“Hong Kong: Through the Looking Glass” miniature exhibition opens in Singapore (with photos)


     “Hong Kong: Through the Looking Glass”, a 14-day miniature exhibition organised by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (HKETO) in Singapore, opened in Singapore today (April 4).


     The exhibition is part of the HKETO in Singapore’s celebratory events for the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region under the theme of “A New Era – Stability • Prosperity • Opportunity”. The exhibition is co-organised with the Hong Kong Tourism Board and supported by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.


     “This exhibition features 40 miniature models based on diversified facets of Hong Kong life, from food culture and traditional festivals to architecture and intangible cultural heritage, as if a ‘miniature Hong Kong’ were brought right before you,” the Director of the HKETO in Singapore, Mr Wong Chun To, said at the opening ceremony.


     “Capturing Hong Kong’s essence of blending the East and West, and the old and new, this exhibition not only demonstrates the creativity and enthusiasm of Hong Kong artists, but also promotes among Singaporeans a better understanding of Hong Kong, reinforcing our city’s status as an attractive destination,” he added.

     The exhibition brings Hong Kong’s past and present to life as it shuttles visitors through an immersive journey to understand more about this vibrant city and its rich intangible cultural heritage. Iconic heritage buildings such as the Tai O Heritage Hotel, the Blue House Cluster and the State Theatre, as well as vivid scenes of festivities such as the Cheung Chau Bun Scrambling Competition and Tai Hang fire dragon dance are also recast in the exhibition.

     To enhance public engagement, free guided workshops on miniature craft will be organised on weekends. Participants will have the chance to enjoy “bites” of miniature food in “Hong Kong café style” after each workshop. A youth competition is also organised to encourage young people in Singapore to take photos and make sketches at the miniature exhibition, or make artistic renditions based on the photos or sketches, to tell a Hong Kong-themed story in a four-frame collage. 

     The exhibition runs at Suntec City in Singapore from 10am to 9pm today until April 17. Admission is free.