Dr. Henry M. Sobell publishes his second book on his research about the structure of DNA

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – WEBWIRE

Organization of DNA in Chromatin remains my most important book along with Premeltons in DNA. Dr. Sobell shares.

After the success of his first book Premeltons in DNA, internationally-renowned researcher Dr. Henry M. Sobell pens a follow-up informative publication entitled Organization of DNA in Chromatin.

In Organization of DNA in Chromatin, Dr. Sobell proposes a more organized structure to a presented model showing how intricate the composition of DNA is within the nucleosome. The new model, which is modified from a previous presentation, explains that a number of aperiodic structures can increase the periodic cutting patterns observed experimentally if there was a fair chance of both 10 base-pairs of B-DNA or 11 base-pairs of A-DNA occurring on a given segment of the left-handed toroidal superhelical structure.

Organization of DNA in Chromatin remains my most important book along with Premeltons in DNA, Dr. Sobell shares. Both books remain my most important scientific contribution, and I recommend that they be read carefully by students and professors studying molecular biology and biophysics.

This book, much like the first publication authored by Dr. Sobell, is a must-have for those eager to understand more about the topic of genetics. With the expertise offered by the author throughout its pages, Organization of DNA in Chromatin does an excellent job of rendering additional knowledge about genetics and DNA to an audience that is in the field of science. To know more about Dr. Henry M. Sobell and his other contributions to biology, you may visit his website at https://henrymsobell.com/.

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