Janis Pardue Hill, Ph.D., uses her fathers actual journals and writings to describe the horrors of the World War II Bataan Death March and Japanese POW camps as well as the strength and faith he acquired and absorbed from the weapon he considered the most valuable of allhis Bible.

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My fathers story reflects the personal strengths of all the men who marched up the Bataan Peninsulabravery, perseverance, selflessnessbut it also reflects more when considered from the viewpoint of his personal beliefs, talents, and aspirations. My goal is to share my fathers story to honor both my father and the myriad other Philippine patriots and to help educate readers about this dark chapter in the history of the United States.

The POW history memoir Telling His Story: POW #1000: The Bataan Death March and Japanese POW Camps, by Janis Pardue Hill, Ph.D., will soon be displayed by self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet at the London Book Fair on April 18-20, 2023, at Olympia London, Hammersmith Rd., London W14 8UX UK.

Telling His Story: POW #1000 recounts the details of J.C. Pardues story of the brutality of the Bataan Death March and Japanese POW Camps. This memoir, compiled and edited by his daughter, Janis Pardue Hill, Ph.D., covers his enlistment in the United States Army Air Corps, the succeeding battle to hold Bataan, the surrender of Bataan, the brutal, inhumane treatment he received on the death march and in POW camps, his time as an enslaved person in Japan, and his ultimate perseverance to live a Christian life.

Most prominent among her fathers memories was the miracle of his Bible. Even after being directly hit by a fragmentation bomb, confiscation in a prisoner of war camp, and disposal on the hell ship the Nissyo Maru, her fathers Bible always found its way back to him. His most treasured possession, the Bible made it home to the states with POW #1000 after the Japanese finally surrendered.

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Telling His Story: Pow #1000: The Bataan Death March and Japanese POW Camps
Author | Janis Pardue Hill, Ph.D.
Genre | History / Memoir
Publisher | LifeRich Publishing
Published date | December 2, 2022

Dr. Janis Pardue Hill holds a Bachelor of Science in English education, a Master of Arts in literature, and a Doctor of Philosophy in curriculum theory. She has worked in university and secondary classrooms and as a program coordinator in both the Louisiana Department of Education and the Ouachita Parish School System. She retired from Louisiana Tech University.