Perfect for sensitive and dry skin types, this ampoule in a pad gently clears away layers of dead skin cells while calming and hydrating for a lustrous skin barrier complexion at home, at work, or on-the-go.

CureCode, K-Beauty’s budget-friendly brand of clinic-level skin care at home has redefined the ampoule for sensitive and dry skin types with CureCode Soothing Biome Ampoule Pad. The pad features the brand’s key star ingredient, Neuromide, the world’s first ever “smart” skin care ingredient, a patented formula that helps the skin’s built-in calming system to speed up hydration and soothing as it strengthens the skin barrier.

The pad, perfect to use for day and night skin care routines, or to keep for on-the-go easy hydration and calming, is filled with the moisture soothing biome ampoule fills the skin with moisture from the inside out and gently trims unnecessary dead skin cells, leaving it moist and smooth. The moisturizing power of hyaluronic acid, panthenol, and ceramide and the soothing power of St. John’s wort, Centella asiatica extract, and allantoin work together to provide comfortable and effective intensive moisture soothing care. Contains 100,000 ppm Centella asiatica extract.

“In keeping up with what our busy clienteles’ needs, we have developed the ampoule pad to make calming hydration and exfoliation easier and more convenient than ever,” explained Dr. Raymond Park, CEO and developer of CureCode. “The container is spill and break proof and can be taken on the go, for travel or office, anywhere someone might need to care for the skin, especially with more challenging environments than ever to skin’s healthy balance, this ampoule pad makes luxurious caring for skin always within reach.”

Niacinamide and A denosine are added to the ampoule containing 1,000 ppm of Bifida fermented lysate and Neuromide, born from microbiome science, which helps ceramide level, to care for traces of the skin and strengthen the skin’s natural strength. It also will keep your skin comfortable with a moist and healthy skin barrier, pH 5.5.

More details and a complete ingredients list can be found on the product’s webpage.

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