Nesso Group, client-first driven insurance and benefits agency in Connecticut, is featured in the May issue of the well-known insurance industry Rough Notes Magazine.

Nesso Group began operations in January 2022 after six companies joined forces to create a connected solution for their clients. Nesso Group has made it their mission to make their clients’ life easier by creating integrated experiences and providing all the necessary services to meet their ever-changing needs.

Nesso Group, as a leading provider of insurance and financial management solutions, was featured in the May 2022 issue of Rough Notes Magazine, a nationally recognized magazine for the insurance industry. This is a major accomplishment for Nesso Group since this recognition comes from industry peers and professionals.

The article highlights the connected approach and team-focused experience Nesso Group takes with its clients. Providing services such as insurance, medicare, accounting, wealth management, employee benefits, and tax preparations. This spectrum of services allows them to give their clients complete solutions in a connected experience.

Nesso Group and Rough Notes Magazine emphasize Nesso’s center point by remarking: “Nesso Group Family-owned Connecticut-based agency rebrands and expands with benefits focus.” By taking a holistic approach to looking after their clients, Nikki Bongiovanni Grillo, Wellness services manager, provides insight into how wellness culture in the workplace improves employees lives.

With their interconnected range of services, Nesso Group in Milldale, CT, provides customized plans for their clients. Their team works carefully to ensure that the plans they provide for their clients will be tailored to their individual needs, as they understand that there’s no “one size fits all” solution.

Part of their dedication to their clients is to help them pursue true wealth through Nesso Wealth in Connecticut. Nesso Wealth helps people create a comprehensive plan to achieve their short and long-term financial goals. Their services range from retirement planning and tax planning to investment management and more.

Nesso Group is constantly seeking to create a more connected experience, as stated by Trey Bongiovanni (Senior Vice President) in the Rough Notes article. Nesso Group has achieved this by becoming an all-in-one resource for all of its client’s needs. As a result, they have increased client satisfaction and improved efficiency throughout the organization.

Nesso Group is proud to be featured in Rough Notes Magazine and looks forward to continuing to serve their clients with the same dedication and commitment that got them to where they are today. To learn more about Nesso Group and their team, head out to their website:

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