PharmStars, the pharma-focused accelerator for digital health startups, is pleased to announce the start of its Showcase Event on June 8, 2022. The digital health startups that participated in the 10-week accelerator program will make formal presentations to, and answer questions from, the pharma members of PharmStars. All of PharmStars’ seven members are participating in the Showcase Event.

PharmStars focuses on bridging the “pharma-startup gap.” Its mission is to assist pharma and startups in overcoming barriers to partnership, leading to greater success and faster adoption of digital solutions to improve patient outcomes. PharmStars’ 10-week education and mentoring program, PharmaU, teaches startups how to engage with pharma as clients and partners. Pharma members receive priority access to the group of curated digital health startups that align with their digital health strategies.

PharmStars founder and CEO Naomi Fried, Ph.D. says, “The 11 digital health startups in our cohort have been working hard all semester to learn about how pharma companies think and work. It is wonderful to see them applying their new knowledge to their business models and articulating their pharma value propositions,” says Fried. “We are excited to see the culmination of their hard work at the Showcase.”

During the Showcase Event, the digital health startups and pharma members have the opportunity to meet privately to discuss potential deals and partnership opportunities.

“We have over 50 individual private startup-pharma meeting scheduled between our members and startups. Our pharma members are interested in learning about and working with these startups,” says Fried.

Startup participants are eager to put what they learned into practice. One of the startup co-founders says, “PharmaU completely changed the way we think about pharma, from articulating our value proposition to how we pitch. The Showcase is the end of an amazing program, the event we have all been working towards.”

Another startup CEO echoes a similar sentiment: “Having the ‘who’s who’ of pharma in one room is such a big opportunity for startups to share some of the world’s newest digital technologies. We are super excited!”

”The team at PharmStars has been able to distill a complex industry into a 10-week curriculum, giving startups the confidence and deep insights that are required to engage some of the world’s most respected pharma companies,” said one startup CEO. “We needed PharmaU to skip years of trial and error when trying to partner with pharma. I believe PharmaU has prepared us to tell our story in the best way possible.”

The identities of the digital health startup participants will remain confidential until the conclusion of the media blackout period, which ends 5 weeks after the Showcase Event. At that time, the participating startups will be revealed to the public.

Planning is underway for the Fall 2022 PharmStars program. Further details on timing and theme to be announced shortly. PharmStars is also currently accepting pharma and biotech membership for Fall 2022 and 2023. Information about future cohorts and pharma membership can be found on the PharmStars website.


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