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The Viet Nam War is a long, contentious, and divisive war that once robbed soldiers of their youth and sanity. Some recover, while some succumb to the horrors of memories and the flashbacks of chaos and violence. In the memoir “War and Living with PTSD: Vietnam 1969-1970 and the Cambodia Incursion in 1970,” Robert Carson Krause takes readers deep into the jungles of Viet Nam for a look back at the past and on the frontlines of war.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a mental health illness that affects many military veterans. A terrible, horrific, or life-threatening incident that a victim experienced or saw is frequently the catalyst. Nightmares, intense anxiety, flashbacks, panic attacks, and uncontrolled thoughts about the incident are signs that a person suffers from PTSD. Many veterans suffer from this illness, and unfortunately, some never recover.

Robert, a college student, was thrust into the jungle canopies, rice paddies, and wet swamps of the Mekong Delta around Cu Chi, and then in 1970, from April until June, the Cambodia incursion in III and IV Corps. He fought the grunts’ battle through airstrikes, firefights, and ambushes. Robert documents the dread, chaos, death, and anguish of war. The terrible horrors that carve themselves into the features of numerous young American soldiers searing pictures that would stay with them for the rest of their lives. However, Robert also chronicles another war veteran has to fight—the fight for their peace and against PTSD.

The book details the many hardships active and retired military personnel go through before, during, and after their tenure. Robert speaks about the horrors of war as he also encourages everyone to avoid romanticizing wars and see them only as a last resort. Robert also shines a light on mental health issues and welfare for veterans returning from war.

The book tells what transpired in a war that has happened a long time ago—however, the new insights it presents also address contemporary issues that plague the noble defenders of the country.

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War and Living with PTSD: Vietnam 1969-1970 and the Cambodia Incursion in 1970

Author: Robert Carson Krause

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Published Date: April 2022

Book Genre: Military Leader Biographies, Memoir

About the Author:

Robert Carson Krause, MSW and lifetime member of the Disabled American Veterans.