“How I Found Myself in Egypt: The Journey of a Young Muslim After 9/11” narrated Subhanah Wahhaj’s recollection of the bombing of the World Trade Center and how it drastically changed her life since then. She recounted this time as one of the worst occasions when Muslims were perceived negatively by so many people in America and how it was a life challenge to uphold her beliefs and dedication to Islamic modest practices, particularly the ones showing her faith such as wearing a hijab or a veil, leaving her vulnerable to harassment. Being a daughter of the prominent Imam, Subhanah Wahhaj conveyed the truth behind the worship of Islam and demonstrated a loving and thoughtful faith.


This book has been and continues to be a great textbook or guidebook for young Muslim women and for those who genuinely want to know what it is like to be a Muslim, especially a faithful one.


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How I Found Myself in Egypt: The Journey of a Young Muslim After 9/11

Author: Subhanah Wahhaj

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Published Date: March 2022

Book Genre: Memoir, Religious (Islam)


About the Author:

Subhanah Wahhaj, a political prisoner, has been illegally incarcerated in an American jail for three years. As she awaits trial to redress the unremitting constitutional violations in this high profile, racially and religiously motivated case, Subhanah utilizes her pedagogy and passion to help people find meaning and purpose, as a catalyst of inspiration for an inmate population plagued with a cornucopia of pathologies, through mentorship, prayer circles and coaching.

Subhanah holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and is a loving wife and mother of 5 children. Her insatiable love for knowledge prompted her relocation to Egypt on her wedding night where she embarked on a personal journey of self-discovery. Look out for part two, “How I Found Myself Incarcerated, Illegally.”