Auditors will be able to view what specific products and how many pieces of each they have left to inspect. This is based on a week’s time frame for Production inspectors and a calendar month for Service.

– Audit completion will be measured on specific piece counts (weekly for Production and monthly for Service) for the specific products processed at discreet Location(s). This is a change from current practice of solely tracking the number of saved inspection sessions (no accountability for proper number of pieces or specific assigned products inspected). This will be a much more thorough way to ensure all product is inspected and give greater accuracy for trending and tracking.

– Reporting is greatly enhanced.

a. Ability to see “open” items that still require sampling / inspections

b. Participation reports / completion rates by Group and Location

c. Participation e-mail notifications based on Inspector Role, both Production (weekly) and Service (monthly)

d. Improved Dashboard for Directors and Admins – Pareto and Histogram that provides data and non-conformance rates by specific Product(s) and / or specific Non-Conformance(s)

. E-mail notifications of missing inspections.

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Deep Modi




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