D.C. Lyons’ “With Worn-Out Tools” is Highlighted at the 2023 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

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As a customer journey executive for 20 years, Darren Lyons has built relationships across the globe, managing a business process outsourcer organization in Asia, Central America, and South America. When he was the director of global customer care for 1-800-Flowers.com, he led a vendor organization of 1000 FTE across seven partners in five countries and ten cities. Over the past eighteen months, Darren has had numerous health issues, including two below-knee amputations, stage five kidney failure requiring dialysis three times a week, and being a stroke survivor.

Yet, Darren has used the concepts learned about managing vendors to help him overcome his physical limitations: leaning into your discomfort, the power of partnerships, and the importance of clear, consistent, and concise communication. Darrens story is one of triumph because of his tenacious desire to fight for his life through these trials.

Darren obtained his Masters Degree in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix and a Bachelor of Arts in History from George Mason University. Darren and his lovely wife Elaine founded Korrior, Inc., with a vision to create inspirational books and faith-based media projects. Darrens eBook, A Day in the Life in a Skilled Nursing Facility: Short Stories from a Young Man Trapped in a Nursing Home, was released in September 2018.

Darrens memoir, With Worn Out Tools: Navigating the Rituals of Midlife, was released in the fall of 2021. Darren is a certified John Maxwell trainer, coach, and speaker with an executive coaching clientele of 15 executives in four countries.

He is a licensed color code personality assessment facilitator and has trained over 500 leaders in four countries. He is a 2019 consumer reviewer for the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program. Darren lost over 270 pounds on a vegetarian diet.

New Release of the Lyons QMS Audit Pro System (LQAPS) Platform

 Auditors will be able to view what specific products and how many pieces of each they have left to inspect. This is based on a week’s time frame for Production inspectors and a calendar month for Service.

– Audit completion will be measured on specific piece counts (weekly for Production and monthly for Service) for the specific products processed at discreet Location(s). This is a change from current practice of solely tracking the number of saved inspection sessions (no accountability for proper number of pieces or specific assigned products inspected). This will be a much more thorough way to ensure all product is inspected and give greater accuracy for trending and tracking.

– Reporting is greatly enhanced.

a. Ability to see “open” items that still require sampling / inspections

b. Participation reports / completion rates by Group and Location

c. Participation e-mail notifications based on Inspector Role, both Production (weekly) and Service (monthly)

d. Improved Dashboard for Directors and Admins – Pareto and Histogram that provides data and non-conformance rates by specific Product(s) and / or specific Non-Conformance(s)

. E-mail notifications of missing inspections.

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