– Avisha Gopal, Co-founder and CEO, AURI


With the elegance and grace of the product, Auri Collective offers long-lasting quality serving both style and functionality. The decor is the investment in beauty and comfort that you want out of life. Luxury is not always meant to put a lot of luxury home decor. It is a sparing approach so that you are not just cluttered with stuffing. Be selective about streamlining your interiors. Auri has the selection of every design, budget in the catalog.  


Successfully decor is about feeling beautiful while looking and staying at your home, it is a combination of details to create a space that you feel comfortable. Distinctive designs, ideas, and concepts curated in personal space help in creating a luxurious lifestyle. Transforming the traditional room decoration into a dream modern space with the use of luxurious accessories is upscaling. As per the ideal room requirement, something here in Auri Collective, that will suit your need or imagination of luxury. Upscaling the home decor varies with present home decor and the imagination of luxury that person wants.  


Express yourself with self-chosen home decor:

Choosing the right accessories to decor your dream home is a chance to understand your home. The things you choose will set the vibe and mood of every space in your home. Self-chosen pieces are meant to make you feel connected to them. Decorating a place is an art that a person creates, sometimes with a simple and classic approach. Auri’s collection has luxury accessories for varying tastes and adds dimension to your decor. Auri fulfills a wide range of trendy, luxurious, and classic decor.  


Every room decor:  

It might be hard to choose while looking for the right accessories. The process of transformation is always exciting and fun. Dressing your home with accessories is not just about filling the empty space but accumulating a place with experience and choices. Even if it’s a small or big home decor item, it will play a big role to set the vibe and mood.  


Auri Collective offers an extensive range of soft cushion furniture, carpets and rugs, accent pieces of kitchenware, aesthetic candle ware, delicate jars and vases, sculptures, planters and so much more. To upscale the home decor, start with choosing the piece for every room. Auri Collective is a treasure of modern and classic decor accessories. These items are used to redefine every room.


Give the perfect layouts of high-end decorative cushions, modern furniture, along with statement pieces. Upgrade the kitchen accessories with an outstanding Diana platter, trays, storage jars, and many more things. Choose from a golden age collection of gold home accessories. This Auri collection is inspired by glamour and gives depth to any interior. The luxurious soft furnishes fill the living space. Light up the room with specially designed and eye-catching modern candalware. Available in various size, forms, displays a luxurious presence.  


Home is the comfort and the safest space, that represents their beauty, peace, and style to spend time away from a hectic schedule. The pieces used for home decor always reflect the personalities and unique preferences. Upscaling the home decor is just not adding the things but creating the space and placing the things that will have a story to tell. Enjoy your journey of designing a home with love.  

Redressing the home decor is identifying the comfort and luxury that needs to be achieved. Taking a unique perspective towards the decor and finding the inspirations that will keep you having the desired life.