Author- Nohitha Cheva, Co- founder of Oraah


In the developing world, the issues faced by women have never been less. Even though women spend two-thirds of the world’s working hours, they get only 10% of the world’s income. Due lack of access to education and many other things leads to hunger and sickness.


Women and Men’s body structures differ and have unique health care challenges. 

The diagnosis can be common and extensively different in both men’s and women’s health. The leading death cause among women includes chronic conditions. Comparing 30% of men, 38% of women suffer from chronic diseases. In the case of nutrition, women represent 60% of all undernourished people. Whereas a quarter of women are malnourished in their menstruating and pregnancy. Everyday protein is very necessary for her, it is not achieved just by regular food. To be in the zone of fitness and proper nutrition women also need extra protein. Oraah is taking the initiative to arrange the fitness and nutrition products that will be a great help to achieve the necessary protein needed for her body. 


Women empowerment is one of the major global movements. Achieving the goals to empower her physically, mentally, and socially is important but can’t be dealt with independently. The participation of everyone is as important as hers. It’s time to give her space, time, and a movement to take a deep breath. 

The study carried out by NCBI on empowerment of women through Health Information Seeking in 2015 reported that among aged 25 to 60 years, a total of 17 married women participated from which only six had known diseases and were receiving treatment. This woman has experienced that empowerment is easily adaptable with seeking information about health problems.


It’s a real fact that women have specific health needs. Women’s health information and data can be unreliable but there is always an aim to improve women’s wellbeing. Empowering women and women’s health are interrelated. The initiative is taken by Oraah to work on women’s health-related issues. Offering knowledge about health care will be empowering women to enhance their health. 


The major transformation that is seen over the centuries is in women’s lives. Considering the health issue is giving the women’s chance to enjoy a better quality of life. Taking charge of understanding wellness is the key to empowering women. 


Other women’s health includes the PCOS/PCOD that affects their body and attracts diabetes 2. With that, it includes various issues like acne, thinning scalp hair, and many more. To treat the PCOD needs healthy changes like increasing physical activity to manage various health problems. Oraah PCOS balance drink will help to correct your hormonal imbalances that formulate to correct PCOS symptoms.

Oraah is taking up the opportunity for women to improve access to caring products. Products options specifically designed for women’s health. Including PCOS/PCOD, undernourishment, cramp pains, and many more. Oraah has coordinated a caring approach in providing wellness products including wellness teas and drinks and personal care. Trying to enhance her opportunities as Oraah says “Everything we do is for her!” 


Oraah is exploring the opportunities to improve women’s health, giving them quality care. This is Oraah’s initiative to empower women by powering them mentally and physically. The power relations between men and women vary but it must not be the issue that will reduce her empowering power. Overall, women need mental and physical care, so the inferior health outcome needs areas of improvement. Oraah is focusing on efficiency to help improve health care.