JC Foundation Trust is thrilled to announce the launch of its new official community platform, the JCFT HUB.

It’s a one stop platform that allows you to meet and connect with like-minded people in the nonprofit sector, share ideas, discuss social issues, learn new trends, find support and networking opportunities.

The platform offers features such as discussion forums, blogs, articles, polls, photos, events and more. Anyone who is looking to help and grow with others in the community can join it for free.

Jay Charara, Chairman at JC foundation trust said, “Few years ago we had this idea of having our own online community platform where people can connect, share ideas, discuss social issues etc to foster community engagement. Finally, we are happy to see it live and in action.”

He added, “JCFT HUB is for everyone who wishes to help and grow the community. A one-stop hub for all your community needs, where you will find help and support, resources and connections.”

Explore and contribute by joining the JCFT HUB (www.jcfthub.com) community.

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