Euronics has been a market leader in public washroom automation accessories for almost 2 decades now. Since then, their team has grown to manifolds with a PAN India presence. They have always believed that the customers can never love a company until its employees do. So, they have always strived to provide a thriving culture for the employees to grow as individuals and as team players. A place where everyone can feel inspired, motivated, and engaged is their ultimate goal. 


After all the steps and efforts toward sustainable solutions, Euronics has left a mark not just on the industry but also has set an example for a better working environment for employees. And so, the brand has been awarded The Great Places To work Award in 2020-22


On this occasion, Abhishek Jain said, “We are elated to receive this award two times in a row. In order to celebrate this, we have ensured that HR Policies are strongly focused on the mental health and fitness of their employees. Euronics introduced 2 additional Saturday offs for the female employees who are also mothers to children from age group 0 to 15. Euronics also provides an additional monthly Work from Home to all of our female staff who have discomfort during their periods.” 


The second wave of the pandemic in India had shown us that any kind of help in difficult times can help someone stay afloat. The brand undertook the responsibility to be there for its employees in tough times. They put up policies for the employees and their immediate family members, covering the cost of their treatment if they are hospitalized with additional paid leaves while they are recovering from Covid. This has been proved to be an excellent way to increase employee morale and a worry-free recovery so that they can start afresh.


Additionally, free vaccination camps were set up for employees. The management made sure to get everyone vaccinated with 2 doses before they came back to office by encouraging everyone constantly. They have also taken extreme measures to adhere to the covid-19 guidelines in the office premises and the manufacturing facilities so that coming back to office can be less risky and convenient.


For those who had been already diagnosed with Covid-19 and others who are doubtful of any emerging symptom, the company has also provided a free corporate subscription of the Practo health app. The devastation of the second wave prevented any kind of hospital visits, and Practo made it possible for the employees to take live consultations with doctors in the safety of their homes. This helped prevent any kind of risk of getting infected.


These are just a few of the examples of how the brand treats mental and physical health above everything. 


The monetary help is extended to any of the family members of the employees who are detected of serious diseases like cancer. They will be given support in terms of treatment and other medical costs which will help them remain strong in such situations and ensure that the brand will support them to the best of its ability. Along with the medical assistance, they are offering interest-free loans to the employees who are not doing well financially and are in need of help.


The highlight of the recent addition to the employee benefit policies is the monetary assistance to working and single mothers. Euronics is proud of some of the brilliant female employees who have been working here for a long time and want to do everything to prevent any hindrance to their growth. For this, they have introduced a single mother policy which would give a quarterly compensation to all those mothers who are single-handedly supporting the education of their children. They understand that they might be the sole breadwinners of their households and supporting them could lift a few worries off their shoulders. 


Euronics is very proud to empower strong women across the entire value chain of their company environment.

There’s a lot to take away from the above policies that are being established in order to support the staff in all the possible ways even in the most difficult times. That’s what sets this brand apart in terms of the working environment for the people associated with it.