When it comes to elegant everyday commuters, the experts at CarBuzz believe the sedan is still the king of the segment. SUVs may be more practical for the school run, but when you want to turn up to work in style, a sedan is the way to go. However, you don’t need to go all out and break the bank to look good, as Honda proves.

Substance and style combined

A midsize sedan is a great commuter and it can double up as a family car when needed. Just look at the Honda Accord interior, and you will find a spacious cabin clad in durable but refined materials. Comfort is key, too, with dual-zone automatic climate control coming standard, while power seat adjustments and a moonroof won’t cost you much extra. Overall, the styling is subdued but elegant, and the sheer amount of space is mind-boggling. 

Never late for that important date

While you shouldn’t need a supercar to get to work on time, you’ll likely have to spend some time on the highway. Honda Accord performance specs prove that it will have no trouble zipping between traffic lights or overtaking more relaxed drivers on the highway. The 252-horsepower four-pot is the way to go here, as it delivers a 0-60 mph sprint time of just 5.5 seconds, and actually makes the Accord quite fun to drive. The hybrid powertrain drops down to 212 hp, but it offers the best fuel economy.

Safe as houses

The last thing your boss wants to hear is that you’ll be taking a month off work to recover from an accident, and you probably wouldn’t be too thrilled, either. Luckily, the Honda Accord safety rating is superb. The standard list of driver-assistance and safety features is long, so avoiding an accident is easy, and a five-star crashworthiness score means that you wouldn’t have to deal with more than a few scrapes or bruises anyway.

With you for the long haul

With its low starting price, you could easily pick up this stylish sedan for your very first job and impress your coworkers and boss. But, it won’t give up on you as you climb that corporate ladder, thanks to the Honda Accord reliability expectations. This is a car that will maintain its value over the years and never let you down. And, when you are finally ready to upgrade to something more premium, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by your trade-in savings.

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