Buy Box Experts, an Amazon account management firm, says that the reduction of Fulfillment by Amazon inventory storage could cause Q4 stockouts. They are warning sellers to strategically decrease product demand if a stockout seems imminent.

Earlier this year, Amazon restructured its Fulfilment by Amazon warehouse storage limits. As demand for products increases in Q4, this could cause disastrous stockouts for some companies. Buy Box Experts, an Amazon seller consulting service, is guiding sellers through this unprecedented sales quarter, helping them avoid dreaded stockouts.

Buy Box Experts helps businesses accelerate sales growth, optimize operations, and maximize profitability on Amazon. Their experienced Amazon seller consultants, many of whom are former Amazon insiders, said that this year could put sellers at a higher risk than ever for stockouts.

“On the one hand, online shopping is more popular than ever due to the pandemic. On the other hand, there are serious supply chain delays,” said James Thomson, Chief Strategy Officer at Buy Box Experts. “Couple that with Amazon’s cutback on FBA inventory storage, and we’re expecting to see more companies than ever run out of inventory in Q4 and be unable to replenish in time for Christmas.”

Buy Box Experts is advising sellers to diffuse product demand rather than risk running out of inventory and seeing their sales rankings plummet.

“Sellers need to be proactive to avoid the worst-case scenario of a stockout. If they think their inventory is not going to last, they can consider increasing their product price by a small percentage, decreasing their advertising spend, and shutting down external traffic that is being driven to Amazon,” said Thomson. “It’s a fine line between wanting to sell and overselling at a time when quick inventory replenishment may prove impossible.”

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