The year is 2003 when the author started to gain interest in raising animals on their sprawling thirty-six-acre farm. Blessed by God with various animals, other wildlife, and her love for the great outdoors. The book is an auto biopic taking readers back in time during Moratis’ early twenties where she saw this beautiful miniature horse at a Minnesota State fair which fascinated her, and from that day on, she got captivated in collecting everything miniature.
Read the book to follow her interesting journey, as her interest in miniature horses begins to progress. With God’s guidance and wisdom, everything is possible. The book features a visually-stunning, hand-drawn illustrations that will delight every young reader and adults alike. An awesome addition to your collection as your child will cherish it for a long time.
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Angel and Love Came Down
Author: Judy Catherine Moratis
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Publication Date: September 2021
Genre: Family, Faith Based
Target Audience: Family
About the Authors
Judy Catherine Moratis has been captivated by the miniature horse at an early age. She has raised over forty horses. Her love for them clearly shows in this true and adorable story. Born and raised in Minnesota, she found out while in high school that English class was a passion, especially creative writing and later theater.