Dr. Noggle’s delivery in his presentation is direct, well-constructed in a clear manner, providing no-nonsense case illustrations that will help readers fully-understand the experience of what The Box itself is in real life. The references, the “bad boxes” are offensive, used mostly on lack of teaching and direction. Whereas the “healthy boxes” are complementary and inspired by positive reinforcement rather than control. Looking for “healthy boxes” liberates an individual from feeling exploited and defenseless. With its simplistic approach, the book possesses the inherent amount of knowledge and convey an essential means for both parents and experts to readjust their mindsets on the learning techniques.
Applying these lessons from the book, The Box enables the reader to get a good grasp of life through multiple perspectives. The Box is Nelson Noggle’s skillful and direct navigation of how a person can liberate from life’s pressures. It can sometimes be overly serious and intimidating but still characterize several guide books in this interesting work achieved by a doctor, educator, and researcher, composed in a straight-forward, friendly, and approachable method. The text is also complemented with several lively caricature sketches and illustrations that make it even more entertaining and compelling to digest.
According to Dr. Noggle, the idea of The Box is universal, getting boxed-in happens to both young and old alike. An invaluable self-help reference will keep you occupied extensively. A delightful and entertaining guide to understanding how to conquer life’s challenges and difficulties.
Book available at https://livingbeyondthebox.com/
Living Beyond the Box: Common Sense Help for Those Who Feel Like Victims
Author: Nelson L. Noggle, Ph.D.
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Publication Date: June 2019
Book Genre: Self-Help, Group-Help, Psychology, Education
Target Audience: Any individual from teen to elderly who experience too much control, especially abusive levels [harsh and/or frequent] of being controlled.  It certainly can help those who try to help victimized and victimizing people.
About the Author

During the author’s early work, The Box and several other visual models became useful tools for those wanting to know how to motivate people to learn. Since then, he has used those models to train thousands of parents, teachers, counselors and managers. His book was written for those who would like to apply many of the principles and ideas surrounding The Box in their everyday lives. There are two goals that drove the writing of the book.

  • The primary goal is to free you to live and learn beyond The Box.
  • The secondary goal is to help you free others to live and learn beyond The Box.