At one point, a parent will have to say goodbye to their child. It could be for school, college, or when the child grows up and sets out to discover more about the world. It is natural for parents to be concerned and sad, regardless of how short or lengthy the time away is.
But what if the child is forcibly taken away? What if apart means not seeing each other forever? What if it means gazing at the lifeless body of your child?
Olivia Sunshine will take readers on an emotional journey through a mother’s grief after her kid has died. She will explain how she faced the nightmare of all parents in a narrative that illustrates the suffering of parents and the grief caused by the abrupt death of a child. She retells her life after Benjamin, her child, died in her book, “How Can I Keep Breathing.”
Benjamin was a fighter. From a sickly 5-pound newborn with pneumonia to a handsome, energetic, and carefree five-year-old boy. However, Olivia was the victim of fate’s cruelest act. Benjamin’s life was abruptly ended in a vehicular accident. Confronted by the tragic news, Olivia felt the world close in on her. But for the sake of her family, she has to choose. Wallow in her grief or move on and be there for her husband and other children in the wake of Benjamin’s untimely death.
Immerse yourself in the anguish and grief of parents who must bury a child. Follow her as she teeters on the precipice of hopelessness and coping. Learn how Olivia Sunshine managed to keep breathing despite the intense agony in her heart.
Grab a copy and find solace in this inspirational story of loss and restoration.
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How Can I Keep Breathing? Losing a child, a mother’s memoir
Author: Olivia Sunshine
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: October 2021
Book Genre: Memoir, Personal Transformation, Self-Help

About the Author:
Olivia Sunshine has answered a calling that has been whispering since she was a small girl. After the loss of a child, she has become an ordained reverend minister for the Spiritualist church and a certified counseling hypnotherapist; she continues her studies in these areas. Olivia lives with her husband and three boys in the mountains of beautiful British Columbia, Canada.