For millennia, mankind has been troubled by the concept of evil, from horrible acts of brutality and depravity committed physically on one another to manipulative and disgusting distortion of facts that damage the minds of those swayed by the lies. But what is evil, and why does it play such a significant role in shaping humans throughout history.

Gregory Booth’s book titled “God and Human: Evils Playthings” aims to answer the question of what is evil, not just in the sense of morality but the actual shape and form evil can take thus informing the readers of the various methods and influences they have on the development of mankind both physically and spiritually. It focuses on the facts and may appear blunt and direct in some chapters, but this is done to encourage the readers to dig for the deeper meanings beneath the words and reach a different level of understanding what is evil and how God is ever-present in our lives.

The book was commented to consist of passages acquired from different chapters of the bible along with some of the author’s deeper interpretations of those passages, all of this written along with some unique perspectives regarding the story of the trials and tribulations our forefathers faced back in biblical times.

God and Human: Evils Playthings Fallen Humans
Written by: Gregory Booth
Kindle: $2.99
Paperback: $7.72 / $11.99

Copies of this compelling book are available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble with minor differences in their prices. Grab a copy now and develop a deeper understanding of what it truly means to call something evil along with some tidbits of religious texts and information.

About the Author
Gregory Booth is a deeply religious man that always look for the hidden meaning behind even the most underrated words.