AGM and “Finding The Way” Book Launch

 Finding The Way: fourth anthology published by Immigrant Writers Association (IWA).

Book launch (In person & virtual): October 25, 2022

Finding The Way—an uplifting anthology by thirteen Canadian immigrant writers—is a collection of fiction and non-fiction stories and poetry that portrays hope, courage, resilience, and grit rekindled in difficult situations. Unexpectedly sometimes.

Whether it’s about life’s signs that forged trailblazers … understanding that “home” is not a place … self-realization and courage to stand up triggered by Grandma’s haunting words … a quest to find alternative ways for mental health and well-being … enlightening transitions … or a wake-up call for humanity, there are deeper universal themes woven into this book.

The 13 contributors’ countries of origin—Ghana, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, USA, India, United Arab Emirates, Senegal, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago—have influenced their lives and way of thinking.

“With writers coming from all over the world, reading this anthology allows us to visit somewhere new, transporting us to the past, returning to the present, and taking us to the future. It is a fascinating read.” -Maria Victoria Beltran for Readers’ Favorite

A Canadian not-for-profit organization, the Immigrant Writers Association (IWA)/Association des écrivains immigrants (AEI) provides programs and services that encourage immigrants to express themselves more in writing, and supports immigrant writers on their journeys.

All IWA’s anthologies—Moving Forward, Grow Together, Building Bridges, Finding The Way—are available on Amazon.

Join them on October 25 for a celebratory event that includes:

• IWA’s fourth Annual General Meeting (6:30-7:00 pm ET)

• Finding The Way Book Launch (7:00-8:00 on ET)

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Daniel Shehori, Publicist:

Immigrant Writers Association

Emanuel Petrescu




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Finding Careers Launches Website to Help People Find New Jobs and Careers

 Finding Careers ( is a new place for people to not only search for a job or career, but also learn about interview tips, career coaching advice, and more. With an easy-to-navigate website that provides information on how to get paid more in your current position or find a new career altogether.

The site just launched this week with an easy-to-use interface, improved job search functionality, and will soon have hundreds of articles with tips and tricks on a variety of topics from writing a better resume and cover letter to how to start a new career at 50.

“We’re really excited to launch our new website,” said Content Manager, Nathaniel Curran. “The site has been a year in the making, and we’ve put a lot of effort into making it the best resource possible for job seekers and career changers. We’re constantly going to be adding new content and working hard to help people find the best job for them, so be sure to check back often!”

By using Finding Careers, job seekers are able to search thousands of available jobs by keyword and location, sign up for job alerts to receive updates when new jobs are posted, access resume templates, and even learn about different career paths. They also offer resources for both employers and employees alike with articles about salary negotiation techniques as well as recommendations to make a job search easier.

Along with helping people find new jobs, focusing on getting them paid more money in their current position, or finding an entirely new career, Finding Careers also teaches people how to be better at interviews so they can land that perfect job. Whether someone is looking for ways to get paid more in your current position or are ready to explore brand-new opportunities, this new website has tools and comprehensive guides to help you get started.

Finding Careers

Nathaniel Curran

(321) 914-0035



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A Guide to Finding Evil and Facing it Down with Gods Grace

For millennia, mankind has been troubled by the concept of evil, from horrible acts of brutality and depravity committed physically on one another to manipulative and disgusting distortion of facts that damage the minds of those swayed by the lies. But what is evil, and why does it play such a significant role in shaping humans throughout history.

Gregory Booth’s book titled “God and Human: Evils Playthings” aims to answer the question of what is evil, not just in the sense of morality but the actual shape and form evil can take thus informing the readers of the various methods and influences they have on the development of mankind both physically and spiritually. It focuses on the facts and may appear blunt and direct in some chapters, but this is done to encourage the readers to dig for the deeper meanings beneath the words and reach a different level of understanding what is evil and how God is ever-present in our lives.

The book was commented to consist of passages acquired from different chapters of the bible along with some of the author’s deeper interpretations of those passages, all of this written along with some unique perspectives regarding the story of the trials and tribulations our forefathers faced back in biblical times.

God and Human: Evils Playthings Fallen Humans
Written by: Gregory Booth
Kindle: $2.99
Paperback: $7.72 / $11.99

Copies of this compelling book are available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble with minor differences in their prices. Grab a copy now and develop a deeper understanding of what it truly means to call something evil along with some tidbits of religious texts and information.

About the Author
Gregory Booth is a deeply religious man that always look for the hidden meaning behind even the most underrated words.

Canada – Confirmed finding of African swine fever in Haiti

Ottawa, Ontario

Following the confirmed finding of African swine fever (ASF) in the Dominican Republic in July 2021, ASF has since been confirmed in Haiti.

Today, Canada’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Mary Jane Ireland, reaffirmed the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIA) support of efforts by the Dominican Republic and Haiti to manage the spread of ASF within their borders.

When ASF was confirmed in the Dominican Republic in July, Canada took immediate action to enhance its vigilance for both the Dominican Republic and Haiti since they share a land border. The CFIA quickly worked with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to strengthen the appropriate border controls for the Caribbean as a whole. This includes enhanced screening of travellers and mail originating from the Caribbean region by CBSA border services officers and detector dog teams. Although Canada does not import pork or pork products from Haiti or the Dominican Republic, CFIA has added them to the listing of countries of concern for ASF in relation to plant-based feed imports to ensure that any livestock feed ingredient imported from these countries meet all required conditions.

There has never been any finding of ASF in Canada or the United States, and we continue to take every necessary precaution to prevent the spread of ASF from affected countries to Canada. This includes the CFIA’s ongoing activities to raise awareness about the risks of introducing ASF into Canada by communicating with travellers through public awareness campaigns and outreach. For example, we are working with airport authorities and airlines to provide information on ASF to international travellers.

The finding of ASF in Haiti highlights the need for ongoing vigilance to prevent the spread of ASF to other regions. We will continue to work with the pork industry and our international trading partners, ensuring high levels of biosecurity to prevent further global spread of ASF. Canada’s prevention efforts are guided by the work laid out in the Framework for the prevention and control of African swine fever developed in collaboration with international trading partners.

ASF is deadly for pigs and would devastate our pork industry, impacting the Canadian economy. Whether you travel for work or pleasure, or work on a farm with pigs, disease prevention and control is everyone’s responsibility.

Quick facts

African swine fever (ASF) cannot be transmitted to humans and it does not pose a risk to food safety. Canadian pork is safe to eat.
ASF is a contagious, fatal swine disease that spreads to pigs through both direct and indirect contact with infected pigs, pork and pork by-products.
There is no treatment or vaccine for ASF.
Canada’s pork industry contributes over 100,000 direct and indirect jobs, mainly in Manitoba, Quebec, and Ontario, and generates approximately $28 billion to the Canadian economy. In 2020, Canada exported 1.49 million tonnes of pork to 95 countries at a total value of over $5 billion.
Canada’s African swine fever Executive Management Board (ASF EMB) brings together federal, provincial, and territorial (FPT) governments and industry representatives to provide guidance and prioritize activities to implement the Pan-Canadian ASF Action Plan, to enhance prevention and preparedness efforts in Canada.

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