The client is Asia’s leading communications technology group with a presence across 21 countries. They are the largest mobile network operator in Singapore. It controls a significant market share in the Australian region. Besides core telecom services, they provide an extensive range of digital solutions.


Migrating from the legacy CRM to Salesforce to achieve the following:

• Building a single customer engagement platform for sales and marketing professionals from different business units, with real-time Customer360 view

• Enabling “new ways of working” for both sales and marketing personnel, by implementing the best practices of customer engagement

• Building a seamless integration capability so the solution is not only powered by its own data and capability but can also leverage the existing technology assets and data

• Leveraging native AI and analytics capability to enable data-driven decision-making, intelligent insights, and predictive analysis.


CRMIT implemented the below solution/SF modules to achieve business agility.

• Salesforce Sales Cloud for handling all aspects of pipeline management: enablement for its 700 strong sales team covering the following :

o Account/Contact Management

o Sales Process Execution – territory management, lead/ opportunity assignment using a combination of std/ custom rules, quota and forecasting, approvals

o Account Planning o Competitor Information Analysis

o Products, product schedules & price books, product selection customization based on the product family

• Salesforce Partner Community Cloud to allow its 1000+ Sales Partners to collaborate with the client’s sales team

• Einstein Analytics for self-serve and intelligent analytics combined with predictive capabilities, again natively connected to Salesforce and also integrating with the enterprise data warehouse for delivering the customer360 view

• MuleSoft powered Integration that stitches this powerful platform with customer’s existing technology assets, data, and other 3rd party systems

o Account management backend system callouts with UI management through custom metadata to MuleSoft

o Govt. Regulatory Authority System(legacy system) callouts with UI management through custom metadata to MuleSoft

• Other tools and customization highlights include :

o Developed windows-based scripts to auto-extract incremental data on periodic intervals for around 25 objects, in the form of flat files, from Salesforce to an FTP server

o Building a custom javascript tool for uploading large PDF files from a 3rd party DB to Salesforce avoiding heap-size issues which one would otherwise run into using apex/data loader.


• Integration of all systems provided a single consolidated Customer360 view in Salesforce

• Also, better visibility of the sales pipeline, nurturing, and an ability to collaborate, lead to faster conversions of leads

• Optimal utilization of sales team with a logical and better distribution of the pipeline leads/opportunities

• Improved Channel Partner experience as a result of better enablement and engagement, powered by out-the-box partner relationship management features available with Partner Communities

• Self-serve analytics, real-time insights, and predictive capabilities with Einstein Analytics


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