Singapore, 14 May 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, MXC exchange is a crypto trading platform launched in July 2018 with vast crypto-related services. Since its launch, the platform has been focusing on providing diversity in services to ensure the investors have ample trading times. 

The diversity of MXC can be noticed from the variety of services it provides. For instance, MXC offers spot trading, margin trading, ETF trading, POS staking, Defi, derivative trading, and an IEO launchpad. All these services are vital for the growth of the crypto space. 

Even with multiple services, MXC manages to provide utter user-friendliness and reliability of the platform. The platform has a mobile application to help investors use the services anywhere, anytime. 

Additionally, MXC applications, both mobile and desktop, have a highly intuitive UI, providing standard and professional options. Similarly, there is a ‘light and dark mode’ feature to increase convenience. The fees charged in MXC are also fair, standing at a flat rate of about 0.2% for every transaction. 

Due to MXC’s diversity and reliability, the network and its token have noticed vast growth recently. 

MXC and MX Trading Volumes

MXC has its token dubbed MX that helps in service provision and actively participates in multiple pairs. This coin is currently trading at $2.51 and is ranked number 181 in the coinmarketcap listing, with a $267 million market cap.  

On May 12th, the MX token hit its all-time high of $2.9. Although the values later dropped, the recent ATH proved that MXC has excellent prospects. The past 24-hour report shows that the token’s prices have dropped by 5%. 

Coingecko charts show that the MXC token has performed super well in the past year, with the prices increasing by almost 2000%. The 30 day, 14 day, and 7-day price increases show that investing with MX and MXC is a good idea. 

The trading volume of the MX token in 24 hours is about $454 million. However, the 24-hour trading volume for the entire platform is nearing $2 billion. 

Looking at the growth of the MXC network and MX coin, it’s clear that the platform is a good trading tool for investors. Moreover, it shows that many investors trust this platform. 

The MXC Usage Statistics

The number of people using MXC is increasing at an accelerating rate, and this surge has contributed vastly to the MX token hitting ATH. For instance, MXC recently released a report showing that over 5 million people in about 70 countries use the platform regularly.  

Every day, MXC is reporting a rise in the number of users, with over 20k-30k people joining the platform’s services. 

As the number of platform users increases in MXC, this network will be open to new opportunities. This platform is on the path to being the best crypto exchange network. 

MXC Providing a Wide Asset Option

The broad MXC market and coin selection options have contributed to the surging investor trust in this platform. This platform contains very many crypto options.

Binance exchange, the most popular crypto exchange platform today, supports just about 250 crypto assets, traded in almost 500 markets. Kraken, Coinbase, Huobi, and many more exchange platforms struggling to keep up with Binance have way fewer crypto assets. 

Contrarily, MXC supports a vast array of assets in a comprehensive market provision. As of their recent report, the platform supports over 482 coins. The coins supported in MXC include popular ones like BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XRP, DOGE, and even some Defi tokens. 

Moreover, MXC is continually adding more coins to increase the number of investment assets available for the users. MXC has been introducing coins that are not present in any other crypto exchange platform. 

Another thing that makes MXC one of the best exchange platforms is the availability of many markets. According to the coin market cap, it has over 559 verified markets. Also, there are about 350 unverified markets supposedly supported in the exchange. 

The total of the verified and unverified markets is almost 900 markets supported. The MXC exchange supports the most significant number of crypto markets and trading pairs. 

MXC has very active social media pages, both Twitter and telegram. You can visit these pages and get more information and interact with the MXC team to steer the platform in the right direction.

More About MXC

Currently, MXC Exchange has around 5 million users in more than 70 countries around the world. This achievement is a significant milestone, and the platform aims to become a go-to platform for new and experienced investors as they move forward.

The exchange spreads across five countries, Singapore, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, and the United States where it is fully licensed. MXC offers a high-performance trading engine that developers with expertise in banking technology developed. With every second reliability, the exchange alone delivers 1.4 million transactions and adds improved performance. Singapore and Korea host its server clusters.

For more information about MXC, this ever popular one-stop-shop for crypto exchange services, simply join any of the platforms on which MXC interacts with its community: Twitter, Facebook, Telegram or Instagram.