Due to the corona pandemic, the conditions of the cemeteries and the graveyards are worsening day by day. Therefore, the country’s emerging online news cum views platform, Troopel.com has taken an initiative to change and improve the dire situation of the cemeteries. The channel is continuously running online polls, which is getting a lot of support from the public. In the past few months, we have heard many cases where a lot of negligence has been done by the officials towards the corpses. Somewhere a 15-day-old corpse has been given to the family, while in many cases; the funeral was done without informing the family.


The figures recorded in the administration and the cemeteries also vary from each other. More than 200 cremations have been performed in Indore in the past 20 days, but the administration has a record of only 100 people. Large amounts are paid for the corpses of corona-infected patients to be transported to the cemeteries. Ambulance drivers responsible for carrying the dead body are demanding 8 to 10 thousand rupees for transporting the corpse to the crematorium and performing the last rites. Furthermore, ambulances are transporting five to six bodies all at once. Highlighting these conditions, the channel’s co-founder Atul Malikram says that, “due to Corona, the condition of all the cemeteries of the country is getting worse day by day. They are not being taken care of by the administration and the general public. It is very disheartening to see that people are making a business of this epidemic. Thus, the channel is continuously working to raise awareness about the subject.”


Troopel.com focuses primarily on politics and social issues. The channel is committed to bringing the truth of the news to its viewers. Apart from making the administration aware of the deteriorating conditions of the crematoriums and cemeteries, Troopel.com is also working for other social issues like keeping the sanctity of religious places, equal rights for the nomadic society, etc.