Everyone faces a crisis at some point in their lives. But what happens when crisis dominates your professional life? At that very moment, you really want to rewind the time because you don’t want to experience those strong and conflicting emotions, tensions and anxiety, but that’s quite impossible. Isn’t it?

How do I protect my brand? Yes, I understand in the digital era where a little spark becomes fire in a very shorter time becomes very tough to handle the crisis. You don’t want your brand to be bad mouthed. You want to shut all of them immediately. And so, you take some quick action to save your brand reputation. Your impulsiveness makes things more complicated for you and it will take a lot of time to cover that damage, maybe a year or two or your whole life. The mess of your wrong turn makes you more insane this time.

Now are thinking what would you do if you don’t take immediate action? The first and foremost thing is to be calm when the crisis knocks your door, don’t let it fall apart. Sit back and relax, If I am telling you to be relaxed, so I am talking about 100 percent relaxation here, so the chaos doesn’t ruin your inner peace. Because that’s all you need in a crisis.

5 W & H (What, When, Where, Who, Why and How ) will help you to study the case. Make your CMP(crisis management plan) accordingly to minimize the damage. Now it is a time for you to respond to the crisis but before that, it becomes really important to understand the nature of your crisis because it is the only way to mute those loud voices. I know that communication is key getting through all the crisis. But in some situation, it only becomes noise where silence becomes the loudest voice. So I suggest you use your..