“Face Everything and Rise” movement created by the Mexican producer Ariel Cervantes presents new “EP” album with 24 artists from 12 different countries to stand up against the COVID-19 impact.

New York, NY – USA | September 15, 2020 — Face Everything and Rise is an international non-profit collective created in March, 2020 by the Mexican musician, composer and producer Ariel Cervantes, while getting stranded in New York City due to the worldwide lockdown (covid-19), in hopes to support and build connections between all kinds of artists from around the world and together create, collaborate and share our unique vision of the world.

The goal is to inspire through all sorts of art branches around the globe and motivate people to stand up and show how important and necessary art is to our daily lives, especially through the global pandemic of this year.

Along the way, Face Everything and Rise partnered up with the composer Oscar Mendez who created the “We are citizens of the world” movement and with a global music industry changing platform developed by the amazing team of great and visionary minds Veronica Vitale and Patrick Hamilton from Artist United and Visionary Vanguard; Who also seek to bring professional and enthusiastic music creators together from all over the world in a message of Peace and Universal Brotherhood.

Together, we gathered the talents of 24 artists from 12 countries around the world (USA, Mexico, United Kingdom, Philippines, France, Russia, Romania, Paraguay, Italy, Ghana, Biafra and Canada.) and produced 7 original songs in a multi-genre format to be released on September 11th, as a message of Hope, Love and Strength:

1. FEAR (Intro) (Liquid & Avant-garde Pop) Veronica Vitale, Patrick Hamilton, Xavier Ayhllón

2. Hymn to Humanity (Liquid & Avant-garde Pop) Veronica Vitale, feat. Signechor Vybez and Maobi N.

3. Bossamba (Popular Brazilian Music fused with Jazz arrangements) Ariel Cervantes

4. Electro-Tango (Fusion) Ariel Cervantes

5. On the Edge (Pop-Ballad) Ariel Cervantes

6. Standing as One (Alternative Rock) Ariel Cervantes

7. Java Suite Gamelan (Piano Suite) Leopold Godowsky / Fernando Ayhllón

8. We are citizens of the World (Pop) Oscar Méndez

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/faceeverythingandrise2020/

Press & Media Contact:
Ariel Cervantes
Face Everything and Rise
City of Mexico, Mexico