ATLANTA, GA – September 17, 2020 – Docmation, the global leader in custom, robust Salesforce B2B Commerce CPQ, and Billing solutions, is set to co-host the Digital River Commerce Passport virtual event, which promises to boost authorizations and optimize revenue via a panel of industry experts on September 23, 2020, at 10:00 am CDT / 5:00 pm CEST.

Recurring revenue from subscriptions can make for an optimal business model, but to succeed you’ll need the right billing optimization toolkit. Join Docmation and Digital River for this live virtual event to learn what you can focus on in order to increase authorization rates and optimize revenue. Register at this link:

“Combining deep industry expertise with innovation, Docmation is committed to helping B2B businesses build high-performing Quote-to-Cash solutions that support their business goals. Brands must be equipped with the right billing optimization toolkit – including strategies like dynamic transaction routing, retry logic, and machine learning – if they want to boost authorization rates, increase customer satisfaction and engagement, and optimize their revenue in the long run. We at Docmation account for integrating customer-centric innovations with a global perspective,” said Jay Sappidi, Co-Founder and Principal at Docmation, and speaker at the event.

About Docmation

Docmation is a global leader helping companies digitally transform their Cart-to-Cash and Quote-to-Cash processes through Salesforce B2B Commerce and CPQ & Billing. With over a decade of experience working across all Salesforce Clouds, supported by a skilled team of over 100 certified Salesforce experts, and backed by testimonies of 200+ happy clients, Docmation assists organizations in achieving their business goals through innovative and market-leading solutions. Docmation is also the first-ever recipient of the Salesforce Bolty Award for the best B2B Commerce Partner Trailblazer, awarded for their exceptional contribution to Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud. The Docmation client base includes Palo Alto Networks, Docker, Wolters Kluwer, Alliance Consumer Group, Novartis, Ithaka, and Sage, to name a few.

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About Digital River, Inc.
With nearly 25 years of industry experience, Digital River has mastered the ins and outs of global eCommerce. The company specializes in taking high-tech brands direct to their customers, whether they live around the corner or around the world. Leading software and services, consumer electronics, and digital game brands rely on Digital River’s advanced commerce cloud, monetization tools, and global eCommerce solutions to market and sell their products online. From start to finish, Digital River makes it easy to manage storefronts, take orders, process payments, automate subscriptions, and drive delivery. At the same time, the company works behind the scenes to handle fraud, billing, taxes, and compliance, so businesses and consumers can shop with confidence and peace of mind.
Digital River is headquartered in Minneapolis with offices across the U.S., Asia, Europe, and South America.

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