When it comes to figuring out what type of web hosting services would be right for your website, you will get two main options: Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting. If you don’t have enough knowledge about their meaning and how they are different from each other, then there are high possibilities that you could end up making the wrong decisions which will lead to facing various troubles in your website performance.

However, in this article, we will be going to discuss about windows hosting, the meaning, the benefits, and what you should look for in windows hosting provider companies which will help you in making the right decision for your website.


Windows hosting is a type of website hosting which uses the Windows operating system. However, most companies usually provide web hosting services operated on Linux. Therefore, any web hosting company which doesn’t highlight that they are providing Windows hosting packages, then its’ Linux Hosting.

However, a certain subgroup of business owners who believe that Windows hosting is a better option and as it is necessary to look for the types of hosting plans which provide the specific features which are beneficial for your type of website.


Although Windows hosting is not for every website, it provides some unique features for the types of websites which are a good fit for it.

It Operates on Windows Operating System

Windows operating system is considered to be the most popular operating system all across the globe. The current Windows operating system version is used by over 400 million people. It is because the Windows operating system is a well-known system and very easy to use.

However, if we talk about web hosting services, most business owners don’t prefer to access the server’s operating system directly. When it comes to Linux hosting, the website owners usually use cPanel, and with Windows hosting you will get the option of Plesk control panel.

Nevertheless, if anyone is planning to go for the option of using a server user interface directly, then Windows hosting will offer you a better user experience than Linux web hosting.
Compatibility With Windows Tools

For various business owners, this is the major reason for going for the Windows hosting services. Therefore, if your website is dependent on other Windows tools, then you should always go for the web hosting platform which works efficiently with other software products for improving the performance of your website.

For instance, if your website was created using ASP.NET hosting, then you will have to go for a Windows server. Numerous companies use SQL servers for their databases and website and those companies must use the Windows hosting. The same goes for the case of Microsoft Exchange is used for your company’s Microsoft SharePoint and email server for team collaboration and project management.

All in all, the more your company depends on Windows programs, the more you will be required using Windows hosting services. Windows hosting provides compatibility with all other software programs. Not only this, when it comes to regular updates of your software programs and operating system, then you can also always trust Windows operating system as you will not have to face the issues related to losing software programs or other important data.

Another important thing that should be kept in mind that numerous companies that use Windows tools already have a lot of employees who are professionals in tech support and can easily update and maintain Windows programs. Therefore, the experts that already have an idea of managing and updating Windows programs will have no issues in using Windows hosting services.

Easy to Use Plesk Control Panel

As already discussed above, Linux hosting uses the cPanel, and Windows hosting services usually have the Plesk control panel. However, various users who know the Windows operating system can easily use the Windows hosting interface directly but those who are looking for something user friendly can go for the Plesk control panel. It will help you in making easier changes and updates in your website.

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